Thursday, May 9, 2013

Yummy Healthy Omlette

Well, I didn't think this omelette would turn out so well, or I would have taken a photo of it! But it's fast and easy... so Here it IS!

Chopped up 7 or 8 leaves of spinach and put in a small fry pan, sauteing with butter (or cooking spray).
Add 1 chopped up clove of garlic.
Let saute for about 3 min while you whisk up an egg with about 2-3 Tblspoons of water.
Add eggs to the pan, along with Salt & Pepper to taste.

Once it firms a bit, fold the sides in toward the middle and then (attempt to) FLIP. After flipping... add a little bit of cheese to melt on the top, OR as I did... a few small pieces of Ricotta Cheese!

Put lid on, turn off heat. Pour coffee, juice, whatever you drink and get a's READY!

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