Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ham 'n Noodles

Generic Picture of Ham N Noodles
It's Ham 'n Noodles day!! I haven't had this in ages, at least not made the way we used to make it at home with Mom. This was one of the dishes she had me make for dinner and time it to be ready when she and my dad got home from work. Do you think I could remember that recipe? ... No. So I have been searching the internet for a recipe that looks familiar... and found one today that I'm going to try. I actually found 2 recipes, and was thinking of merging the 2 together, although that doesn't always work for me... We'll have to wait 'n see.  I'll post a pic here after it comes out of the oven and IF it tastes good, I'll even come back and post the recipe!  Check back in a while!
-- Ruth

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