Tuesday, December 17, 2013

OH Fudge!!

Yup, it's Fudge Season! What? You didn't know there was a "Fudge Season"? Oh, come now... where have you been hiding? Seriously, when Christmas is close, it becomes cookies and candy season and my specialty is Fudge! Lots of varieties too, not JUST chocolate!

I love to experiment with different flavors. So far this year, I have made Chocolate, Peanut butter, Toasted Coconut, Cranberry/White Chocolate, Peppermint, Coffee, and Pumpkin.

Favorite? Well my favorites are the 1st 3 listed above. Toasted coconut is such a nice change from the typical chocolate and peanut butter and I toast the coconut myself. I had a batch I made for sending off to family, and I kept only 3 pieces for myself; ends really. Knowing my resident family doesn't like coconut I figured that was enough for me. However, last night, I found out my husband "accidentally" ate a piece of the coconut, thinking they were nuts of some kind. Apparently he LIKED it, because when I went to the kitchen to snag a piece for myself, it was ALL GONE! Wow... He knows I like coconut and yet he made a trip back to the plate to finish off the last piece. I'd say that's just rude.

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