Monday, September 7, 2015

Where's the Honey!?

So there I was....a new recipe in hand...  Chicken Breast with a Honey Lime sauce... sounds good! I keep a bag of frozen chicken breasts in the freezer for just such occasions... so I pull it out and look inside and to my surprise... it's chicken PIECES... like for stir fry.. Hmm Ok.. no problem, I would have cut it up eventually anyway.. It's pre-seasoned so I just heat up a frying pan and toss it in for 10-13 min. During that time I reach for the honey... WHAT???  NO Honey??? OHHHH YAAAAA I took it to work for Tea! Arrrgh... Ok don't panic... what is LIKE honey.. ??  LOL... well.. there is NOT MUCH that is "like honey" let me tell you.... but upon closer inspection, I decided that Peach jam is about the same color and consistency of honey, and it's sweet... so... Peach Jam it is!!  I get that out and once I removed the chicken from the pan, I plopped in a heaping teaspoon of peach jam!...followed by a few squirts of concentrated lime juice, and a few drops of lemon juice... Now it's looking better... just simmer until the jam all "melts" or... liquifies....  and then pour over the chicken! Voila!
Yummmmm you have to try it... Peach Lime Chicken!

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