Wednesday, August 15, 2012

In Search of Pizza Perfection!

My husband and I decided we like Pizza so much, and we have watched Food Tv SO much that we would head out on a hunt of our own to find the Perfect Pizza. We even have said we just might have pizza for dinner for several nights in a row to accomplish this. I'm thinking we might skip a few nights to get the taste out of our system but we will push on and review them here on this blog, sharing the outcome with all of you.

1st stop on our Pizza Tour is Papa Johns.  I had never been there or knowingly had their pizza, so it seemed a good place to start.

We ordered two of what they call "specials": A Chicken Parmesan (pictured above) and a Tuscan Six Cheese. Each pizza came with a pepper and a tub of "Special Garlic Dipping sauce" aka garlic butter?

First I tasted the Chicken Parmesan. The crust is light and fluffy, "not bad" for a hand tossed says the hubby. Has a real hand made feel to it; not a lot of flavor, just... 'crust'. The edge puffed up nice and soft giving you a good handle to hold onto while eating. The sauce had a tangy and slightly sweet flavor to it which wasn't bad since I don't like a real acid tasting tomato sauce.  The dough in the middle of the pizza was quite chewy and in some places not quite cooked completely. The chicken pieces tasted a little dry and a tad mushy... lacking flavor, maybe they should consider marinating the chicken first for a while. The Parmesan was present on the cheese but the taste disappeared after a few chews.

I wasn't overly thrilled with the Tuscan Six cheese. I could taste different cheeses but the overall feel when I took a bite was "mushy". I didn't taste any Parmesan, or any sharp cheese flavors. The hubby said he tasted the Parmesan...  Maybe lowering it to a 4 cheese and using a sharp in there would help.

Crust 3.5  (no seasoning, some doughy, just 'crust')
Toppings/cheese 3.0
Overall 3.25

Thanks for stopping by! Look back again as we endeavor into other pizza palaces, in search of....

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