Sunday, August 19, 2012

Just a Pause...

We have not completed the search for the perfect pizza, just had to take a pause. You see, Friday night was Emphasis Night at school where the school kicks off the sports season for the year. They bring out all the teams and put on a little dog & pony show for us, introducing us to this year's atheletes. It's kind of a big deal here so you don't miss it and since All the teams (and their families) are present, you better get there early to get a seat! NO PIZZA for us!

Then, Saturday night was our 15th Wedding Anniversary. Pizza? I think Not! LOL We went to 2Chez in P-town for some calamari & rack of lamb. Yummmmmmmm Now if anyone wants to hear about that place I have only two words: Go There! I love that place, their food is wonderful. Oh, it's small so call in a reservation to be safe and it's probably medium on the pricy scale. Most items are quite reasonable I think, but the ribeye is kind of high... 1/2 rack of lamb....$17, ribeye....$25 Take it from there. But it was all wonderful! Maybe we will get back on the pizza search tonite.... Ciao!

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