Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Green Breakfast Smoothie - Yumm!

I know... it's been a LONG time since I have blogged... and yes, I know... I DON'T have a picture to post with this one, but I just HAVE to blog about it!!  This morning I made the BEST (BEST) Breakfast Smoothie!!!  So I had to tell people about it and put the recipe where I'll remember it! LOL Here goes, into the blender IN THIS ORDER!...

GREEN Breakfast Smoothie

1 cup fresh spinach
1 handful Kale (remove spines)
1 over-the-hill banana
1 green apple
2 Tbl honey
1 cup skim milk (any will do)

Blend in blender til smooth and creamy looking...about 1 min.

Seriously, the only ingredients I tasted while drinking this... was banana and honey! It was awesome.  My stepson walked in while I poured it and I had a little left over so I poured him a small glass and said here, you can try the extra.  He didnt like the looks of it and I had to promise him all I tasted was banana and honey. He says, "you better not be lying"... and he tasted it.  Then he DRANK the whole thing in one downing. YES,... it's GOOD!

It's a great thing to do with those bananas that are just past the point where anyone in the house will eat them, and maybe not quite ready for banana bread. I used a small green apple, sliced with an apple slicer (8 pcs) first since I don't own a Vitamix.

I plan to make another one tomorrow, and I WILL take a picture then!
**Check the comments and you'll see a list of fruits and their fiber contents!**


  1. I wonder how it would taste if you added 1/2 cup of Fiber One cereal. You would get your breakfast carbs and only add 60 more calories - and FIBER!

  2. Hmm do you think that would add 'grit' to the texture? I do... it's already gritty some... nothing a Vitamix wouldn't solve, but there must be another way to get fiber in? Isnt Apple fiber?

  3. Here's a thought... women are supposed to have 25-30 gms of fiber a day, so maybe adding a different fruit would help. Here's a list:
    Fruit Serving Size Cal's Fiber (g)
    Apple 1 medium 95 4.4
    Apricot 3 50 2.1
    Banana 1 medium 105 3.1
    Blackberries 1 cup 62 7.6
    Blueberries 1 cup 84 3.6
    Cherries 1 cup 87 2.9
    Dates 2 133 3.2
    Figs 2 med 74 2.9
    Grapes 20 68 .9
    Kiwi 1 lg 46 2.3
    Mango 1 med 135 3.7
    Orange 1 med 62 3.1
    Papaya 1 cup 55 2.5
    Peach 1 large 61 2.4
    Pear 1 medium 96 5.1
    Pineapple 1 cup 83 2.3
    Plum 1 30 .9
    Prunes 3 60 1.8
    Raspberries 1 cup 64 8
    Star fruit 1 cup sliced 45 3.7
    Strawberries 1 cup sliced 53 3.3
    Tangerine 1 med 47 1.6