Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kale - it's Good For You and very Disguise-able!

I just hate come-on ads... "Click here to find out the secret to...", "Click to see how Kelly lost 45 pounds", and most recently... "7 Hearty Kale recipes!" ... Only to find out you need to sign up, or join something to get to the "promised land".  Well Nature Box.. you did it to me today. I am trying to find ways to introduce Kale into our meals since it is a bit hard to eat alone. When I clicked, I was faced with the "sign up for our program" page before I would be allowed to see these recipes. No Thanks! I decided I could probably figure it out from these photos so that is what we'll do. I have plenty of Kale in the fridge, and I can see trying at least 3 of these in the coming days.

First one that catches my eye is Kale Mac 'n Cheese. How hard can it be to figure out how to add it to Mac n Cheese! Ok.. and then the Kale Stuffed Sweet Potatoes.. CAN DO! I think I'll skip the Massaged Kale Salad, I just can't see me "Massaging Kale" before putting it in a salad, although some of it is tough enough I can see it needs it! LOL

Anyone have recipes for using Kale you'd like to share? Feel free to Comment below and let's get this (kale) party started!!

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